From a young age, imagination and creativity have been apart of my life. Often my youth would be spent drawing outfits that characters from my favorite TV shows (That's so Raven and Lizzie McGuire) wore; putting on fashion shows for my family, or creating stories in my head, that I would later make friends and family act out.


While these things are a part of most childhoods, I could never stop dreaming and my continuous imagination has led me into the creative fields.  

B.S in Textiles and Apparel Design

B.S in Radio-Television-Film 

And many many days of studying and learning past the university system. 

My time is spent much like my childhood: imagining, creating, and seeing visions through with design, art, film-making and much more. Stay tune!

See what I've been up to in a single page: resume 

Contact mattisondgotcher.com for further inquiries.

Talk to me about what you have been discovering, and what you want to learn - 469-247-2575



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