Films I have costumed have been in festivals such as SXSW, SeriesFest, New York Television Fest, Indie Grits, and many more. Along with written about in Variety and IndieWire



Director: Taniel Kilajian

Director of Photography: JohnDavid Devirgiliis

Producers: Maggie Bailey, Tori McCarthy, Matt Lennon

The Adventures Of...

Director: Sophia Loffreda

Director of Photography: Huay Bing-Law

Producer" Daniel Earney 

Union Made

Director: Rikki Bleiweiss

Director of Photography: Tatiana Roberts

Producer: Claire Norris 

June 24th

Director: Brandon Rendon-Torres

Director of Photography: Joshua Simonsen

Producer: Corbin Heinchon

Start With A Song

Director: Sebastian Bisbal

Director of Photography: Ivy Chiu 

Producer: Marcy Carpenter 


Director: Caitlin Ward

Director of Photography: Charlie Pearce

Producer: Alicja Zapalska


Good Vibes

Director/Producer: Alessandra Lichtenfeld

Director of Photography: Christiane Escobar


Director: Maria Forsythe

Director of Photography: Hannah Barker

Producer: Joanna Wu

Pussy Talk

*Costume Technician*

Director/Producer: Kim Tran

Director of Photography: Mariana Gonzalez 

The Green

Director: Sophia Loffreda

Director of Photography: Huay-Bing Law

Producer: Sebastian Bisbal

Darkness in the Shadows

Director: Nicholas Saenz

Director of Photography: Léa Cuvelier 

Producer: Sarah McCulley 


 DirectorJeff Kardesch

Director of Photography: Samuel Rinkacs

Producer: Connor Leech

A Queer Horror!

Director: Aaron Brock Dehn

Director of Photography: Levi Barrie

Producer: Benjamin Johnson

Janitor Jerry

Director: Stefan Allen and Elizabeth Mims

Director of Photography: Sam Weil

Producer: Miguel Valarino

Pixie Sticks

Director: Alessandra Lichtenfeld

Director of Photographer: Maggie Bailey 

Producer: Nic Bonesteel 

Point Pleasure 

Director: Owen Schwartzbard

Director of Photography: Ivy Chiu

Producer: Mark Blumberg

Hesitation of an Artist

Director/Producer: Nicolas Saenz

Director of Photographer/Producer: Aaron Dehn



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